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The Corporate Partners of the Rawhide Rodeo Company are an active part of the organization. They become a part of the family and interact with contestants and fans through various promotions and events, adding to the overall excitement of the event.


RAM Rodeo Series

For over 25 years Ram Rodeo has been an avid sponsor of rodeo. The Ram Rodeo Series was established to assist Ram Trucks Dealers in showcasing new product through the venue of rodeo. But Ram Rodeo is a company that does more than sponsor rodeos on behalf of local dealers - it is a company that supports two of North America's most favorite pastimes: Rodeo and Automobiles. To find out more about Ram Rodeo, visit them at www.ramrodeo.com.

The Ram Truck is the 2014 Motortrend Truck of the Year. Buy a truck at www.ramtruck.ca and follow them on Facebook and Twitter to show them your support and Western truck lifestyle.


Boulet Boots

Boulet Boots

A tradition of three generations. In 1933, Georges-Alidor Boulet established "G.A. Boulet Inc." in the City of St-Tite, which is known for the quality of its labour. In the early 60's the second generation of Boulet's, Roger, Reynald and Robert, took over the management of the company which specializes in the manufacturing of Goodyear Welt footwear.

Today Boulet Inc., a Canadian company, is managed by the third generation, Pierre, Guy and Louis. Supported by competent and dedicated employees, they maintain the tradition of excellence which makes Boulet one of the best in the country. Visit their web site at www.bouletboots.com.



Wrangler Western

Wrangler Jeans and Shirts are legends in rodeo. Few brands enjoy such loyalty from a group of consumers as do Wrangler Brand products. Wrangler is one of the oldest and most popular jeans brands in the world. The brand is owned by the VF Corporation and were first made by Blue Bell, who acquired the brand when they took over Casey Jones in the mid-1940s. Blue Bell employed Bernard Lichtenstein ('Rodeo Ben'), a Polish tailor who worked closely with cowboys, to help design jeans suitable for rodeo use. Wrangler Jeans were born.

The popular 13MWZ style, introduced in 1947, is still available worldwide. Visit them at www.wrangler.com.


Equine Revolution

Equine Revolution

The number one molecular building block, outside of water, that makes up a horse's connective tissues is collagen. Medelys Laboratoires International Inc. created Equine Revolution's Arthri-Collagen Treatment and Maintenance formulas after careful analysis and research on how the joints, cartilage, ligaments and tendons of performance and aging horses break-down over time causing joint inflammation, osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease. Medelys has developed a series of formulas to deal with the degenerative processes in horses using natural products.

Visit them at www.equinerevolution.com.


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